Siddhartha Das Studio

The award winning Siddhartha Das Studio has worked primarily on projects that aim to work with culture as a driver of economy and socio-cultural change within the geographical & other contexts within which they are located.

As a design studio, it offers a wide variety of in-house curatorial and design expertise. The Studio's team includes architects, exhibition, industrial, graphic designers & cultural professionals. The Studio maintains a lean core team that has built a vast network of professionals to innovatively strategise and design projects.

It blends national with international, rural with urban, and youth with experience.

The Studio provides a comprehensive set of skills required to maintain the local flair of the work, while still drawing on lessons from international settings.

Siddhartha Das {Studio Lead}
Over the past 10 years, Das has led or collaborated with various professionals to conceive and execute cross-over projects that blend design with art architecture and crafts, and integrating different aspects of planning, strategies and design.

Siddhartha Das graduated as an Exhibition Designer from the National Institute of Design in Ahmedabad, India, where he is Visiting Faculty. He is a cultural consultant to various organisations, and a Nehru Trust and Charles Wallace Fellow. In 2008, he was awarded the International Young Design Entrepreneur by the British Council
Exhibition + Spatial Design Projects:
a. Museum + Curatorial Project
•  Design of an exhibit for the historic building, JalMahal, as part of a larger Tourism Development project, JalMahal Resorts Pvt Ltd, Jaipur , 2011
Design + Curation of a Film Museum, cafe, shop and garden for the proposed Multi Purpose Film Complex, Guwahati, for Assam State Film Corporation, Guwahati, Assam, India, 2010
•  One of the nine international designers invited to submit design proposal for the design competition for a permanent gallery on the Humanity and & Refusing Fatality), Red Cross Museum, International Red Cross, Geneva, Switzerland, 2010
•  Concept Design of a Museum of Chai for an exclusive tea company at one of the most visited heritage monuments of the country, Amer Fort, Jaipur; for Chaitime, Mumbai, 2009
•  Design + Curation of interpretation centre, integrated signage, publications & souvenirs for the historic Rajput garden, ChokelaoBagh at Mehrangarh Fort, Jodhpur, Ongoing
•  Craft based design exhibit at the premier British design festival,100% Design 2009, to showcase work as the winner of International Design Entrepreneur Award 2009, insitituted by British Council, UK, 2009
•  Concept Design + Curation for a Museum for Children on the History of Delhi, for Archaeological Survey of India (Govt. of India), New Delhi, 2008
•  Exhibition Design of Amarushataka, at HausZum Kiel Museum Rietberg Zurich, Switzerland, March 2006
Exhibition & graphic design for 'Tribal Transitions,' an ethnographic photographic exhibition on Arunachal Pradesh, a research project by the British Museum, SOAS, London; Arunachal University, for the British Council, India, 2005
Exhibition design + Curation for Indian Fans, at HausZum Kiel, Museum Rietberg Zurich, Switzerland, May 2005