Museum Exhibitions

Museum on Ahilya (bai) Holkar
Maheshwar, Madhya Pradesh, 2002

Concept design for a museum on
the 19th-century queen, Ahilya Holkar,
in the Ahilyawada (Palace).

This Museum is desinged to tell the
life-story of the deified Queen Ahilya.
The audience is predominantly rural,
illiterate pilgrims who come to worship
Ahilya. Keeping this mind, the
design is largely visual, and based on
creation of displays that represent
key events in the life of the queen.

1 A visualisation of the reference room
near the museum gallery
2 This is a model depicting the years
of warfare in Ahilyabai’s reign. The
popular Indian comic book style
has been used to illustrate this. An
image hierarchy has been done by
physically sequencing images on
different planes.
3 This display design depicting the
temples repaired by Ahilyabai,
showing their architectural plans
with photographs.