Public Space + Installation


Urban Centre being developed
near Tokyo, Japan, 2008-11

Concept design of a public space +
installation in a new urban centre
near Tokyo (Chiba Prefecture) Japan.
Curated by Tsutomu Okada, Chief
Curator Wacoal Art Centre/Spiral.

The theme for this space/installation
is “School of your five senses.” The
design plays with the notion of day
and night, evoking the visitor’s five
senses in the process. From an open,
above-ground space, the visitor
moves to a warmly lit glass structure
with dense plantation on its roof.
From here, and through a gently
sloping landscape, the visitor
descends to the womb: a cave-like, contemplative and silent space,
housing a serene pool of water.

In collaboration with Golak Khandual